Acrylic and gel nails

Well-kept hands tell a lot about you.

Taking good care of our hands, nails and cuticles is a must to wear beautiful and elegant hands. We are specialists in the treatment and repair of nails. In our manicure room you can enjoy the latest and innovative treatments for your hands. We will make you from a basic manicure, to a SPA manicure with peeling and nutrition or we will decorate your nails for a special occasion. We use the best products of the best brands, such as Organic Nails, Kinetic, Jordana, Risqué, Sally Hansen or Thuya.

Acrylic and gel NailsManicura Uñas y Más Vilanova i la Geltrú

  • Acrylics: This type of decoration combines a polymer powder with a special liquid. The layer of this mixture dries and forms a very strong and consistent nail. If it is followed correctly and constant can last up to 6 months. They can be removed without risk of damaging the natural nail in a process of approximately 20 minutes.
  • Gel: They are oligomers, having a medium solid liquid medium texture. They are a kind of jelly that is dried using an ultraviolet ray lamp. It is a more advanced and economical technology than acrylic, although it does not replace it, as it is applied on a case-by-case basis.

Handmade decoration

You will be amazed by the creativity achieved by our professionals applying the most innovative and creative techniques, achieving artistic and 100% handmade decorations. We can decorate your nails by painting flowers, tiptoe, placing bright, realizing drawings in relief, encapsulated or any proposal that you have dreamed. You dare?

To make this type of manicure we use products of the latest generation with which you get some amazing results.

Manicura manos Uñas y Más centro de belleza Vilanova i la Geltrú



Pedicura Uñas y Más - Centro de estética Vilanova i la Geltrú

Enjoy an unforgettable experience for your feet. In a few pedicure rooms your feet will receive a treatment as exquisite as in Uñas y Más.

We will remove the hardness of your heels, correct your nails, moisturize you with cold paraffin or massage your feet to leave them beautiful and you can feel comfortable walking.

What is a basic pedicure in our center? First we will submerge your feet in hot water. Once dry the feet, we remove the dead cells of plants and heels and later hydrate them with a soft massage with cream. Then cut and file the nails and remove the cuticles. Our treatments end with the enameling of the nails, which can be Shellac, French style, Color or a permanent enameling.

What is the SPA pedicure? It is a complete pedicure worked in a handmade way with a lathe, in which we perform the filing of nails, removal of cuticles and removal of hardness. Then we make a peeling with essential oils or sea salts and we wrap you with a cold paraffin or marine mask, refreshing sensation, ultra moisturizing. To finish, a massage with oil of almonds and rosemary, realized from the foot to the knee.

Shellac Pedicure: If you want to finish your pedicure with a permanent enamel, Shellac is the best option, since it guarantees a duration of between 4 to 6 weeks.



Organic Nails

Organic Nails - Uñas y Más

Organic Nails is the world’s leading nail decoration company with the most spectacular and daring designs.

It is one of the star products used in Uñas y Más, and has both acrylic and gel nails, with a wide range of moisturizing oils and semi-permanent enamels. In our beauty salon we have the best Organic Nails products in acrylic and gel, as well as semi-permanent enamels.



Rique - Uñas y Más

Risqué is a leader in glazes in a country of contrasts as Brazil, with a history in beauty products of more than half a century.

Uñas y Más offers this pioneering brand in creating season after season trends in nail polish. Their shades are natural, bright, creamy and metallic, which at the same time color protect the nails, giving them a nice and modern look.


CND Shellac - Uñas y Más

Shellac is a new technique of permanent enameling, applied in Uñas y Más, that allows to look nails impeccable for more than 20 days, whether with French style, color or decorated nails.

It is applied as an enamel, hard as a gel, has a gloss finish / mirror, dries immediately and is removed with acetone, without filing the nail.