Body Peeling

Do you want to pamper your body? body peeling is one of the best solutions. Would you like to be able to look spectacularly smooth and radiant? It dazzles with a fantastic body carefully and hydrated thanks to the corporal peeling of Uñas y Más! In our centre of aesthetics and integral beauty located in Vilanova i la Geltrú you can take care of one of the most important parts of your body!

Body peeling is a treatment that focuses on removing dead skin cells, making a slight peeling, and that ends up bringing a lot of freshness, cleanliness and smoothness to the skin.

Peeling Corporal en Uñas y Más

Which are the goals and results of body peeling?

Its main objective is to clean the skin in depth, purifying and oxygenating it, providing elasticity and density. It is a simple and harmless procedure that is applied on the epidermis, obtaining fantastic results treating small scars and stretch marks, as well as skin imperfections or even acne.

The body peeling has immediate results, leaving the skin much smoother with a single application. This is achieved by performing a professional exfoliation of the affected skin. If the exfoliation is performed with some regularity, the results are even more noticeable, reducing wrinkles and acne.

When is it most advisable to do so?

It is highly recommended to perform a peeling before the summer season, to leave the skin in optimum conditions before the long exposures to the sun during the summer beach days. It is also advisable to perform it prior to certain specific treatments for the skin, as well as to moisturize and protect the skin before possible external damages from our day to day.

Would it affect to my tan?

A point to emphasize is to clarify that the corporal peeling does not make the brown disappear before. On the contrary, thanks to the peeling the tanned skin will look better than ever, being more smooth and hydrated. This will encourage a much brighter appearance and the skin will be more receptive to catch that tan tone so flattering.