Facial hygiene and peeling

The skin needs to be cleaned daily to remove any remains of moisturizers or even dust and contamination that clogs and soils the pores of the face. Despite the good practice of cleansing the skin every day is likely to remain remains that require a more thorough and effective treatment. A complete professional facial hygiene with a good cleansing of the skin is the perfect complement to the daily cleaning done at home. The goal of a professional facial hygiene is to thoroughly clean dead cells and blackheads , as well as toning the muscles of the face with expert hand massages. The facial peeling will follow the hygiene, renewing the superficial layers of the skin.

Higiene Facial de Uñas y Más


Main benefits of professional facial hygiene

After a proper facial hygiene is completed, the skin will be fully prepared to get the most benefit and benefit from the properties of cosmetics or other types of treatments, such as peeling. This is because after cleansing the skin is hydrated, toxins and blocked pores are removed and it also relaxes and improves circulation of the face, obtaining an optimal elasticity and smoothness.

Facial hygiene in Uñas y Más

Depending on the characteristics of each case, the personal expert of Uñas y Más in Vilanova i la Geltrú performs facial cleansing between 50 minutes and an hour and a half, usually divided into three distinct stages:

  • Facial cleaning: Different products are applied that thoroughly clean the superficial part of the face. After this, the staff of Uñas y Más will advise the client according to their skin type (dry, greasy or mixed) to customize the drainage process of impurities made after the opening of the pores.
  • Massage: It will serve to close the pores and to be able to decongest the skin after the drainage of impurities.
  • Nutrition: Once the skin is clean and prepared, different types of face masks will be applied depending on each case, which will help to hydrate, nourish and reduce the redness of the skin due to the cleaning process. These masks will be hypoallergenic and of the highest quality cosmetic brand Casmara.


Face Peeling

One of the fundamental points of all professional skin cleaning is facial peeling. In many cases skin blemishes, wrinkles and different types of skin damage are caused by factors such as sun, aging, fatigue or stress. The facial peeling is a treatment that eliminates and renews the most superficial layers of the skin, allowing to correct many of the defects commented.

Peeling Facil de Uñas y Más

When can a facial peeling be applied?

Usually patients indicated for facial peeling are those with an aging skin due to sun exposure, acne, small wrinkles, skin flaccidity, spots, open pores, small scars or stretch marks.

The experienced staff of Uñas y Más will advise their clients on the type of peeling most indicated depending on the type of skin and its condition.


Which are the expected results?

The facial peeling done by good professionals can achieve fantastic results like:

  • Elimination or attenuation of facial spots, small wrinkles and scars caused by acne.
  • Uniformity in the tone of the skin.
  • Improved appearance of open pores as well as control of acne and sebaceous secretions.
  • Preparation of the skin to receive dermatological or aesthetic treatments.


Do not hesitate to take care of your face in the aesthetic center Uñas y Más in Vilanova! You will not regret!