Makeup is the practice of decorating the skin to get a good look, enhancing the person’s features. Thanks to our experienced staff united to the most innovative processes and the best products, in Uñas y Más we have elevated the practice of makeup to the art level, achieving the best results for each client.

Maquillaje en Uñas y Más

Uñas y Más is the best beauty center in all over Vilanova. We have different types of professional makeup according to the needs of the client:

  • Make-up for brides and weddings: On this special day, the best idea is to rely on the experience of a good professional. Generally it is a light makeup but very worked, with a natural, fresh and young appearance.
  • Day makeup: Offers a natural and fresh look.
  • Night makeup: For special events, enhancing the contrasts. It is usually more sophisticated than daytime makeup, with an elegant and natural result.
  • Make-up for parties and events: Our personal expert will adapt the service to the type of event and expected result.

The brands that work with Uñas y Más are, as always, the best. In the case of makeup MAC and Revlon Professional are used.

Eyelash extensions

Pestañas postizas en Uñas y Más

Uñas y Más offers the best care for eyelashes, such as natural eyelash extensions and even eyelash lifting, which offer spectacular results and long lasting. In addition, Uñas y Más also has the service of false eyelashes, especially indicated to complement professional makeup focused on specific events.

The products used in Uñas y Más have the highest quality. In this case, Indonesian eyelashes with 100% natural hair and antiallergic are used.

This type of eyelashes increase the size of the eye, intensifying the look and adding sensuality in it.