The numerous studies carried out in the medical and aesthetic area of the use of the presotherapy for the treatments of lymphatic edema like venous ailments, have allowed an important advance in its medical-aesthetic application. The Ballancer is the result of these investigations. This technology is now available in the Uñas y Más aesthetic center.

The most advanced Cincos Ballancer 606 compressor is one of the new star services at the Uñas y Más aesthetic center in Vilanova. This is an important evolution in the aesthetic line of Cincos, incorporating important innovations on the reliable medical technology Lympha Press of Mego Afek of total control by the user.

Presoterapia Ballancer 606 Cincos

The presotherapy is gaining more and more adepts for treatments of the following problems:

  • Fluid retention
  • Cellulitis
  • Flaccidity

Their treatments consist of an application of certain pressures on different parts of the body, exerting a compression and a subsequent relaxation of alternating form, that act very effectively on the lymphatic system. This technique also promotes the recovery of lost skin elasticity while increasing the supply of oxygen in the treated tissues, thus facilitating tissue regeneration (of body tissues).

Ballancer 606

Ballancer 606, latest novelty of Cincos and already available in Uñas y Más, incorporates menus with intuitive functions, simple to use, as well as effective. The Ballancer 606 combines the most innovative design, combined with its treatment programs with different cycles available, to ensure optimum results, depending on the client’s goal in each session.

Presoterapia Ballancer 606 Cincos

Main cycles are:

  • Cycle Pretherapy: Treatment begins at the proximal end of the treated limb (very close to the abdomen), and is directed towards the far end by draining upwards. This cycle is focused on preparing the limb for the subsequent application of a more suitable cycle for each alteration. Once the Pre-Therapy cycle is completed, the 606 Ballancer will apply one of the preselected peristaltic or sequential cycles.
  • Wave Cycle: It is a long, deep and slow wave cycle. Peristaltic pressure, very effective in the venous return and the treatment of the adipose panicle, as well as for different muscular problems.
  • Slim Cycle: Applies a sequential pressure, effective to relieve lymphatic edema, as a step prior to the treatment of adipose tissue, whenever there is infiltration of lymph in the affected area. It is specially designed to work in a gradient system, which means a greater pressure at the distal level and smaller at the proximal level.
  • Ballancer Cycle: This is a short, fast and shallow wave cycle. It applies a gentle peristaltic pressure, being a more relaxing cycle used as end of treatment or after surgical interventions, when there are zones very sensitive to the pressure.

Cincos Medicina & Estética is a company created in 1995 to respond to the demands of the medical and aesthetic field. Since then, and thanks to the support of companies worldwide, Cincos has spared no effort to achieve leadership. For this, it has provided adequate solutions, constantly betting on the sector and the market, and with the clear philosophy of continuing to carry out a professional task. The different divisions of the company strictly select the quality of the products it represents, based primarily on the guarantee of The results they provide to customers.

For all that Cincos fits perfectly in the type of companies of the highest quality with which Uñas y Más works in its spa of beauty located in Vilanova.

Presoterapia Ballancer 606 Cincos