Radio Frequency

SYMMed is an innovative method of radio frequency system that combines the most advanced and efficient aesthetic technology, created by Termosalud and already available at the Uñas y Más aesthetic center in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

It incorporates in a unique diathermy system for radiofrequency and virtual mesotherapy HPC, different protocols of treatment that adapt to the needs of the client through the accomplishment of manipulations and specific mobilizations, as well as a line of cosmetics designed exclusively and specifically to enhance the effects Desired.

Radiofrecuencia SYMMed en Uñas y Más

SYMMED – Synergetic Medical-Esthetic Method

SYMMed logotipo de Uñas y Más

The objective of functional cosmetics is to reduce skin resistance and to facilitate the slip of the electrode on the skin to enhance the effects of the treatment.

In Uñas y Más we have 3 cosmetics, each one of which is indicated to treat a specific problem. In all of them and thanks to the virtual Mesotherapy HPC, the active principles can reach the interior of the cell and act with maximum effectiveness. In addition, these products have the ability to create the necessary conditions to achieve the mobilization of the electrolytes present in the tissues.

How does SYMMED radiofrequency work?

The capacitive diathermy currents used in SYMMed consist of the application of high frequency currents within the ranges of the radiofrequency, high intensity and low voltage in order to generate heat at a certain depth of the skin.

The thermal effect originates mainly in two forms:

  • Friction of bipolar molecules through the capacitive coupling: Mainly of water, which results in a generation of heat in tissues with a large amount of said element, such as vascular and muscular. During the process of application of diathermy currents the temperature of the treated tissues is progressively increased, which causes the rotation of water molecules to decrease while increasing the conduction of ions dissolved therein.
  • Conduction by resistive coupling: It consists of the increase of the temperature in the tissues with greater electrical resistance. In fat this resistance is approximately 10 times greater than that of the tissue of the dermis.

For esthetic treatments the high frequency of currents and the power of application of approximately 70W, generates a heating of the tissues that are underneath the epidermis. The heat that is released produces a progressive increase of the temperature from inside to outside, where it dissipates. The objective is to achieve a deep heating, without exceeding 38-42ºC at the surface. To this effect it is combined the absorption through the capacitive action of the energy generated by tissues of a high percentage of water, such as muscle and vascular.

Radiofrecuencia SYMMed en Uñas y Más

Physiological effects

As mentioned, heat is produced in tissues with a high percentage of water, and resistance in fatty tissues. This results in the following effects:

  • Deep heat: The heat generated produces vasodilatation, hyperemia causes the increase of oxygen and nutrients supply and the elimination of waste substances from the tissues, which accelerates the cellular metabolism, while promoting the penetration of Active substances.
  • Circulatory: Vasoldilation favors the circulation of venous and lymphatic return.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Increased blood flow increases the supply of cells and chemical elements with defensive function to the treated area, and with consequent decongestion.
  • Sedative: On the nerve endings, so that the pain diminishes and there is relaxation of the muscle fibers.
  • Regenerator: Accelerates cellular mitosis and promotes healing; Favors the restructuring of collagen and its synthesis again, so that there is also an acceleration in cell renewal, improving tissue and healing.
  • Firming: Due to the contraction, stimulation and restoration of the structure of the collagen fibers.
  • Lipolytic: Facilitates and increases the degradation of adipose tissue fats.

Radiofrecuencia SYMMed en Uñas y Más

Aesthetic indications

  • Stimulation of blood circulation and drainage of fluids. Directly in the area where there is fluid retention and edema, and as initial preparation of the tissues for a subsequent application of resistive radiofrequency.
  • Body and facial toning.
  • Skin rejuvenation. It increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  • Localized adiposities and alterations of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.
  • Localized edema.
  • Recovery of tissues.
  • Acne in the healing phase.
  • Activation of hair growth.
  • Reaffirming.

Radiofrecuencia SYMMed en Uñas y Más

Facial Treatments

The main characteristics of facial treatments using SYMMED are as follows:

  • For treatment in extremely sensitive skins or with alterations in vasculation, it is important to control temperatures in the thermia and hyperthermia phases. Excessive heat could lead to an increase in these alterations.
  • In neckline the movements will be in direction towards the area of ​​the shoulders.
  • In the neck the movements will be in lateral and ascending direction, leaving free the area of ​​the thyroid.
  • In oval will follow the muscular directions in the gills, cheekbones and front, while in the eyes will be made linear movements outwards in the eye and eyebrow.
  • In wrinkles, folds and areas of conflict will be emphasized in a circular manner.
  • In all maneuvers the hand-manipulation technique will be used in order to cool the skin and increase the effects of the treatment.
  • Circular upward and lateral movements will be performed all over the face following the direction of the muscles.
  • The skin should be clean and exfoliated.

The treatments that can be applied in Uñas y Más are the following:

  1. General rejuvenation.
  2. Eyes: Water bags or fat bags.
  3. Double chin: flaccidity and sagging, or adiposity.
  4. Facial oval.
  5. Neck and neckline.
  6. Body treatments

Body Treatments

In general the characteristics of the corporal treatments made with SYMMED are the following:

  • The return plate should be supported on the opposite side of the treatment.
  • The maneuvers must be performed with the hand-manipulation technique in order to prove greater effect on the tissues.
  • In some cases customer mobilizations will be carried out to facilitate access to specific areas.
  • The movements with the handle must be firm and at all times in contact with the skin, otherwise the results will not be the desired ones.
  • The directions will usually be ascending and toward the zonal ganglia.
  • The skin should be clean and exfoliated.

The main body treatments of SYMMED offered in Uñas y Más are:

  1. Breast enhancement.
  2. Reduction of abdomen.
  3. Reaffirm abdomen.
  4. Reapply glutes.
  5. Reaffirm legs.
  6. Reduction of legs.
  7. Cellulitis in different degrees (1-3), for abdomen, gluteus or legs.
  8. Relaxing back.

Radiofrecuencia SYMMed en Uñas y Más